5 Best Nursery Glider Recliners & Rocker [BreastFeeding]

Is your baby coming and you’re looking for the best nursery glider recliner for babies?

No doubt, there are lots of chairs on the market and they all have something different values to offer. You need to find the perfect one, especially if you have a small nursery – you may need to Pick the best glider for small nursery.

In this guide, we’d help you pick the perfect and best recliner for your little one while also presenting you the options like – best bursary glider for tall parents and best nursery glider for short moms.

Our Top Picks

Best All Round – DaVinci Swivel

Most Comfortable – Baby Relax Mikayla

Best Value For Money – Windsor Glider And Ottoman

The Best Nursery Glider Recliners of 2020

Without wasting much time, let’s check out some of the best brands currently on the market.

  • DaVinci Swivel Glider – Best nursery glider for Short moms

Best All Round and

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We understand the trouble short moms go through with their little one and this is why this is our #1 pick for shorter mom looking for a chair with great support.


It sits lower to the ground and features a supportive lumbar section to ensure the highest support you can get.

The glider also swivels, so you can with ease stand up out of the seat or turn to access something.

The chair comes pre-assembled, so it’s convenient.

The swivel part is designed to be safe for your fingers (irrespective of size), and most of the swivel construction is hidden underneath the chair and is not accessible by children.

The materials this chair is built with is also free of formaldehyde and chemical flame retardants.

The chair meets the needs of new moms and their baby during feeding time.


  • Varieties of colors to select from
  • It features a bonus ottoman
  • It comes pre-assembled
  • Features lumbar support and extra neck/head support
  • Swivels smoothly in 360 degrees.
  • Delivered already assembled..


  • It lacks a protective cover
  • A small amount of buyers say that their chairs began to make noises with each rock.
  • It lacks protective cover.
  • Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Most Comfortable

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We recommend this chair if you’re looking to spend a large amount of time in your glider breastfeeding, hanging out or reading to your baby.

It features additional padding, and can recline and swivel.

The nursery chair is perfect for parents who need a universal chair rocker. This comes with almost everything a nursery chair could offer.

It is difficult to come across a chair that contains all features this one possesses. Not only does this chair swivel 360 degrees and have seamless gliding capabilities, but it also reclines.

If you need a chair that can accommodate any comfort level and any time of day, this is perfect. The supportive spring core forma-filled seat offers you the best support and comfort.

This chair is not like nursery chairs in that it has intricate designs on the back rest, that makes this a fashionable addition to any nursery.

If you do not know what features you’d like your nursery chair to have, this is a great one to pick because you have the options of swiveling, reclining, or gliding.


  • Design is intricate and elegant
  • Assembly is simple
  • It is built sturdily
  • It is reasonably priced
  • Swivels and Reclines for maximum comfort.


  • It lacks protective cover.
  • No lumbar support pillow.
  • Maximum weight capacity 225 pounds.
  • Windsor Glider and Ottoman – Best Value for Money

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This is a good pick for a recliner that doesn’t break the bank.

Stylish, yet affordable, this glider is comfortable because there is extensive cushioning all along the chair.

The armrests padding is comfortable for you and your baby too.

The enclosed metal bearings allow for smooth gliding that will help rock your little one to sleep, The ottoman and glider pieces have solid wood frames to maximize stability.

The extra ottoman will help relieve your back of stress, and it also rocks with your chair so you do not disrupt your rocking.

There are various color options to pick from, so you can ensure it aligns with your vision.


  • Features storage pockets
  • It is affordable
  • Comes with storage pockets
  • Material cannot be machine washed but can be spot cleaned.


  • Some buyers noted the chair squeaks when rocking
  • It lacks any protective cover
  • Some buyers questioned the chair durability.
  • Naomi Home Swivel Rocker Recliner

Easiest to Assemble

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There’s so much to do when preparing for a baby and arranging a recliner might be an extra work load.

Not to worry! This easy-to-assemble rocker from Naomi Home comes in 3 simple large pieces – the seat, the seat back, and the sides.

Slide the parts in places and your recliner is all set! It only takes you some minutes and you or your partner can do it even if you’re pregnant – It’s that simple!

It gently reclines and can swivel in a 360-degree motion. A footrest pops up to offer you proper support. The whole chair is covered in a smooth, yet plush fabric and the large square design appears beautiful in any nursery.

Because this recline is a large one, it fits our ratings for the best nursery glider for tall parents. That means both dad and moms can relax comfortably no matter the size.

If you need a durable, comfortable rocker that’s easy to put together, we recommend this one for you.


  • Assembly is simple and takes just a couple of minutes
  • Swivels and reclines for a full range of motion.
  • The large, square design provides comfort for moms and dads of any size.


  • At times, the color shown in pictures is not the same as the chair color

Best Nursery Glider Recliners

  • DaVinci Ruby Recliner and Glider – Best Glider for Bad Back

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Having a bad back means you need to get a glider that won’t make it worse. There are loads of gliders with leg rests and amazing back support that will take pressure off your problem and make you more comfortable and Davinci Ruby Recliner is one of them!

If you are looking for a comfortable nursery chair that won’t cause you any hurt, then we recommend this one for you.

The chair has a firm back, but it also features a lumbar pillow for extra back support. The plush armrests allow you to feed your baby comfortably.

Sitting in an upright position in a chair can also take its toll on your back, but this chair reclines. The recliner aspect is a no-brainer for parents suffering from a bad back.

It features a pop-out leg rest, leaning backrest and a smooth reclining function.

This chair has the capability of swiveling 360 degrees and lacks back support. This chair allows you to enjoy a full range of motion to ensure you can be comfortable at all times.

The upholstered polyester is durable, easy to clean and is soft.


  • Extra lumbar support
  • 360-degree swivel
  • The chair reclines.
  • You can easily spot clean the chair.
  • Smooth gliding capabilities when not reclined.


  • A small number of colors available.
  • Some buyers said the chair was too firm.
  • Some customers say it is hard to recline when holding baby.
  • Stork Craft Glider With Ottoman – Best Glider for Tall Moms

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As a tall mom, you don’t want to squeeze into a chair that is simply too small or else you aren’t going to be comfortable.

This comfortable glider has a higher back that will accommodate most heights!

Your neck, shoulders, and head area enjoys maximum support while you spend time with your little one. The arms of the chair come padded to ensure the best comfortability as possible while rocking or nursing your child to sleep.

The material the chair is built with ensures comfortability while ensuring durability and eliminating back discomfort.

The durability ensures the chair can last beyond baby years.

The bonus ottoman allows you to extend your legs and relax more. This features has been appreciated by moms especially when their legs has been in a single position for too long.


  • Assembly is simple
  • Back and seat cushions are spot cleanable.
  • Comes with ottoman for better comfort.
  • Includes a lumbar support pillow that can be easily removed.
  • Metal, enclosed ball bearings for smooth gliding.
  • Perfect  for breastfeeding.


  • It lacks any protective cover.
  • The moving parts might be harmful to small fingers.
  • Some buyers noted the chair did not last as long as they expected.
  • Graco Parker Glider – Best Nursing Glider

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This nursing glider is perfect since it has extra padding and armrests to help keep you comfortable while you nurture your little one.

The glider is perfect as it is designed with breastfeeding mothers in mind. There are primary features like the pull-out nursing stool that will help make your breastfeeding journey a walk in the park.

In a case where the nursing stool is not needed, you can fold it right under the ottoman for better access.

To ensure maximum comfortability, the armrests are completely designed and padded to help you comfortably rest. Those late-night feedings can become more comfortable with this chair.

This chair is a wonderful asset that smoothens your breastfeeding journey. This chair can still be utilized by mothers who aren’t breastfeeding.

The higher armrests provide support your baby needs when you are rocking or bottle feeding it as well. For tall dads, its high arm rest Is a welcome idea.


  • Ultra plush microfiber cushions let you enjoy the highest comfort when sitting
  • Spot cleanable cushions
  • Completely upholstered sides for comfort when nursing.
  • Nursing stool allows you a supportive base to more easily nurse your baby to sleep.
  • Coordinates perfectly with any other Graco or other branded cribs.


  • It lacks any protective cover
  • Lower weight capacity than other chairs at 250 pounds.
  • Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker – Best Plus-Size Nursery Rocker

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If what you need is a nursery rocker with a bit more room, the Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker is a great choice.

This rocker wider base gives it a wider structure and makes it enter our ratings of the best nursery glider recliner for the money.

This chair is hand upholstered with fine materials that are extremely soft with designs that put care for your comfortability.

There are many colors you can select from so you can find one that is best suited for your nursery.

The wooden supports this chair presents you rocks back and forth without making no noise.

If you need a larger chair that offers support, this might be the best nursery glider recliner for you. The simple design is elegant.


  • Features a lumbar pillow.
  • It’s wider construction allows for more room.
  • Constructed and upholstered by hand.
  • Composed of durable materials that maximizes long-lasting stability.
  • Upholstery is free of chemical flame retardants.


  • It lacks any protective cover.
  • It does not recline or glide
  • It lacks any foot rest
  • Must be cleaned with foam, solvents, or cotton-based cleaners.
  • Delta Children Nursery Glider – Best Glider for Small Nursery

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If you do not have enough room, this recliner is perfect for you. The Delta nursery glider is specifically made for small spaces, and it will be a perfect addition to any room.

Designed for smaller spaces, this glider is big on versatility and function. The 360-degree swivel lets you turn to any direction you desire.

There are three colors you can pick from. The colors are easy and not abrupt so they should easily coordinate with any nursery decor you may have.

The sturdy composition this chair has will allow it to be durable and long-lasting. Because the chair is designed for smaller spaces, it is easily mobile and is light in weight.

The curved silhouette this chair possess is comfortable, and the thickly padded cushions will even better your comfort.

If you love this chair, but would opt for a foot rest, there is a matching ottoman available for purchase.


  • Perfect for smaller spaces
  • To make cleaning easier, it’s cushion is removable
  • Durable steel mechanisms to ensure quiet movements.
  • Whisper quiet gentle glide motion.
  • The armrests are thickly padded.


  • 225-pound weight limit.
  • Some buyers said the material was not very durable.
  • Babyletto Swivel Glider – Best Modern Glider

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The design of this glider isn’t traditional but a modern one. This is an ideal modern piece for any nursery.

This piece allows stylish mommas to keep their nursery modern while not compromising safety and productivity.

Spacious, this seating offers comfort with its rounded back. The smooth and gentle gliding this chair offers will help your little one sleep quick.

The 360-degree swivel motion lets you enjoy additional motion by moving around freely.

Babyletto swivel glider offers optimal comfort as it is upholstered by hand in ultra-soft microsuede.

Perfect for mommas with an eye for style and comfort, this chair is built to stand the test of time.

Lastly, it can still double as additional seating in any part of the house.


  • It has a modern and stylish appeal.
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Made with stain-resistant and water materials
  • 1-year warranty
  • Composed of ultra-soft material for maximum comfort.


  • It lacks any foot rest.
  • Some buyers questioned the durability.


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