Best Recliner for Heavy Men/Fat Guys (Short&Tall Chairs)

I understand the struggle for big men (as I am quite big myself) getting the best recliner for heavy men. Most times, it is either it is not comfortable, or you don’t fit in the chair.

To even make matters worst, some chairs have a particular weight limit that they can take before it breaks apart. In most cases, the chairs marketed as recliners for big guys come with some sort of limitations, which can be a problem for fat guys.

The good news is that we have listed seating options for bigger men (based on personal experience), and even if you’re taller than 6’2 and bulkier than 250lbs, you’ll be able to sit comfortably in an oversized, big and tall recliner.

In Summary: Our Top 5 Picks for Big Man Recliners

  • Homelegance Laurelton 43″ Microfiber Glider ReclinerOUR TOP PICK
  • CANMOV Overstuffed Power Lift Recliner Chair
  • Divano Roma Furniture Classic
  • Ashley Furniture Signature Design
  • Christopher Knight Home 296468 Harbor Gliding Recliner

Best Big Man Recliners for the Money:


Homelegance Laurelton 43″ Microfiber Glider Recliner

  • Features the freshest and most functional furniture
  • Produced with microfiber
  • Comfortable




CANMOV Overstuffed Power Lift Recliner Chair

  • Functional power and Sturdy power lift recliner
  • Comfortable and antiskid upholstery
  • Easy to use and assembly



    Divano Roma Furniture Classic

  • Easy to recline
  • Chair is designed with the comfort with overstuffed cushions
  • Produced with high-quality low-emitting materials




Ashley Furniture Signature Design

  • Modern rocker recliner
  • Finish is rich
  • Deep cushioned comfort



    Christopher Knight Home 296468 Harbor Gliding Recliner

  • Style is super unique
  • Quite comforting
  • Assembly required




Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King Recliner Chair

  • Supports very large men
  • Comfortable
  • Rocker recliner



    Catnapper Teddy Bear Chaise Recliner Chair

  • Excellent for sleeping
  • Hugs you as you recline
  • Pillow soft chaise pad seat


Best Recliner for Heavy Men

 Best Recliner for Heavy Men for the Money

  • Homelegance Laurelton 43″ Microfiber Glider Recliner  (5 / 5 rating)

Best recliner for big man

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Homelegance is a household name well known for making fantastic products. As expected, this Laurelton model delivers the best; it is an absolute wonder to sit in and feels like heaven on earth.

The only con we see is that it is made of microfiber and not leather. This could be seen as potentially negative as people consider this an issue and hold out for something that feels more premium.

In the end, it boils down to what you like. If you’re a big man, you should not doubt this recliner. It is the top best recliner for big guys that offers excellent value for the money.

Even better – It can seat even the biggest of men.

  • Material is dark brown premium textured plush (champion) microfiber
  • Lever action reclining mechanism
  • Oversized arms, seats, and backs upholstered in soft fabric for extra support and comfort
  • Measures 56″ x 29″ 39″H; Easy seat back assembly is required
  • Gliding motion when not recline
  • CANMOV Overstuffed Power Lift Recliner Chair (5 / 5 rating)

Best recliner for short heavy person

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Canmov produces some amazing recliners, and the overstuffed model we have here is totally an excellent choice for big and tall men. I wouldn’t be surprised at the number of internet people who argue this is the best recliner for big guys, because it boasts of a power recliner and has some nice features.

At first glance, the leather makes for a truly comfortable seat, the structure is built to last, and sitting in it is so relaxing.

Note: The Canmov and Homelegance are interchangeable for first place.

  • Sturdy And Functional Power Lift Recliner: Functionality and Modern style merge with single motor and heavy duty mechanism, tilt to stand and lay back, smoothly adjust to any customized position which provide ultimate lounging experience.
  • Comfortable And Antiskid Upholstery: Overstuffed pillow designed on back, seat and armrest for support and comfort with a high back, thick cushion and high grade antiskid upholstery, provide a super comfortable sitting feel and enhances safety.
  • Easy Assembly And Easy Using: Installation takes less than 10 minutes, Perform a YT Search” Canmov Lift Chair” on YouTube for assembly guide video, all functions used by only two buttons remote control. Overall size: 40″W x 39″D x 37″H, Seat Height – 20.5″, its max weight capacity is about 300lbs.
  • Divano Roma Furniture Classic and Traditional Bonded Leather Recliner Loveseat (2 Seater (4.8 / 5 rating)

Best recliner for heavy mean (short and tall)

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We present to you this baby – although it does not have as many features and specs as some other products on this list, it is still a top product in its own right and remains hugely comfortable in its own right.

The highest weight capacity of this heavy men recliner is around 300 lbs, which is quite enough for a lot of people. Generally, the leather makes for a wonderful element and adds to the experience of the chair; oddly enough, a lot of oversized recliners for big and tall men come in contemporary formats or microfiber.

  • Design: With comfort in mind, this seat is designed with comfort with overstuffed cushions. The soft supple curves provide a perfect contour for support.
  • Recline: Use the pull lever to recline this chair, it will engage the reclining mechanism. With one easy pull the chair will recline.
  • Material: Real leather cover made of high quality low-emitting materials that meet and exceed compliance standards for healthy homes.
  • Size: Overall size 42″ W x 38.5″ D x 39.4″ H with a seat size 22″ W x 21.5″ D x19″ H. This seat is larger than most lounge chairs in order to provide a cozier feel. Weight Capacity is 300 lbs.
  • Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Ludden Rocker Recliner  (4.8 / 5)

Best recliner for heavy men and women

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Ashley Furniture (My personal favorite) brand is responsible for making some of the best furniture’s in the home market.

They are the brain behind “Yandel” which turned out to be one of the best recliner chairs of all time. It was even suitable for theaters or RV’s in certain instances. Because of its reputation, we are always happy to show respect for this brand and review their products.

The Ludden rocker recliner before us is super soft and comfortable, but it feels a bit fragile. If nothing goes wrong with it, the chair is one to be reckoned with.

  • Modern Rocker Recliner: It spices up your living room. This iconic recliner with the gentle rocking motion and pillow top armrests, you’ll be enveloped in total style and comfort.
  • Deep Cushioned Comfort: Sit back and relax on comfy, high-resiliency foam cushions wrapped in ultra-soft polyester upholstery. Effortless one-pull reclining motion eases you back
  • Rich Finish: Bathed in a warm, cocoa brown hue, this recliner chair makes a bold impression. The divided bustle design and puckered stitching really hits the mark on luxe style and feel
  • Generous Size: This reclining armchair measures 40″ W x 43″ D x 43″ H. Fits through doorways 32″ or wider
  • Christopher Knight Home 296468 Harbor Gliding Recliner Chair (4.5 / 5 rating) – Best recliner for short heavy men

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This particular recliner seat has a special style to its design and while some may love it, other may as well dislike it.

In terms of design, this is more of an old-school recliner, and has some sort of classic vibe to it. It’s quite comforting to sit in and features some great qualities. It is really more than capable of handling the weight of larger men and is built to be sturdy.

But, there have been a few customers complain in regards to the build quality. Many a time, the culprit is a defect; ; whether or not this has been cleared up is unknown.

  • Comes with: One (1) Recliner Chair
  • Dimensions: 43.30 inches deep x 39.37 inches wide x 39.37 inches high”
  • The Harbor Gliding Recliner is the perfect companion for any media room or living room. It’s elegant style and comfort gives relaxation a whole new meaning.
  • It needs to be assembled
  • Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King Recliner Chair (4.4 / 5)

Best recliner for heavy men’s comfort

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The producers say that this recliner can support men up to 500 lbs in weight, making it the most likely candidate for best big man chair for the money, if we’re only basing it on its capacity to support heavy individuals. But, it holds position 6 on our list because of the design choice.

The product itself is not ugly. However, it is untraditional and we understand reasons why this might not be a first option to a lot of people. But, it is totally functional, comfy, and can support very large men with ease.

  • Rocker Recliner
  • Free Curbside Delivery, Rated for weights of up to 500 Lbs Extended length 79 Inches, Seat Width 25 inches Made for the big Man or Gal.
  • Catnapper Teddy Bear Chaise Recliner Chair (4/5 rating)

Cheapest recliner for heavy men

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The Catnapper Teddy Bear chair is soft and plush; almost like a bed. To some people, there is a limit as far as softness goes and this would cross that limit easily.

If you’re a fan of soft chairs, you would find this product to be super comfortable and might even consider sleeping in it most times.

The biggest challenge with this rocking chair is the material and design. They lack a premium feel and obviously, this can be a cause for concern.

  • Your Choice of 3 Mechanisms: Rocker Recliner, Wall Hugger, Swivel Glide
  • Hugs You as You Recline
  • Pillow Soft Chaise Pad Seat


Picking the best recliner for heavy men and women is great since we spend most of our days sitting, so it’s only instinctive that we pick what supports us fully and provides the level of support we seek.

Great and best big man recliners healthily support your back and ensure the product’s longevity.

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