Best Recliner With Cup Holder [Top Grain Leather Included]

As someone who loves to relax in front of the television or lounge, nothing is more convenient than a cup holder for your drink in your favorite reclining chair.

Best Recliners with Cup Holders To Buy in 2020:


Esright Ergonomic Cup Holder Lounger

  • Full reclining function with the other functionalities like vibrating, heating, and massaging feature.
  • Additional thick padding with supple and soft PU leather upholstery which allows for simple cleaning and maintenance.
  • There are dual cups holders on each side of the armrests and four storage bags.

Seatcraft Millenia: Home Theatre with Cup Holders

  • With a single click this power recliner will take you to a place of relaxation and comfort.
  • Upholstered in top grain genuine leather of the finest craftsmanship and quality.
  • A free tray table on each seat with stainless steel cup holders.

BONZY Contemporary: Two Cup Holder Recliner

  • A clean and casual contemporary style that will go well with rustic or contemporary home décor.
  • Extra durable construction from eco-friendly materials.
  • Upholstered in the finest PU leather that is easy to maintain and stain resistant.

Reviews: The Best Recliner with Cup Holders

Following are some of our top choices in top grain leather recliner with Cup Holders.

  • Esright ErgonomicCup Holder Lounger

The Esright Ergonomic is a Massaging recliner featuring a swivel function and a nifty cup holder. When it comes to omfort, style, and relaxation, the Esright Ergonomic Cup Holder Lounger is rated A.

  • Complete reclining function with the addition of vibrating, heating, and massaging feature.
  • Additonal thick padding with soft and supple PU leather upholstery that allows for simple cleaining and maintainance.
  • Dual cup holders are placed on each side of the armrests and four storage bags.
  • It boasts of a 159-degree recline and a 360-degree swivel function.
  • A power recliner operated with a remote control with more than five modes and 2 intensity levels.
  • Seatcraft Millennia

Rated #2 on the best recliner chair with cup holder review, this beautiful and relaxing home theare seat is the top in the class of relaxation and comfort.

When it comes to being relaxed while watching your favorite entertainment shows, you can always count on this chair.

  • Available in a 2, 3, 4 or loveseat row of seats.
  • Comes with a free tray table on each seat with stainless steel cup holders.
  • Upholstered in top grain genuine leather of the finest quality and craftsmanship.
  • A power recliner that will take you to a place of comfort and relaxation with the touch of a button.

No doubt this is one of the top grain leather recliner with cup holder that will rock your world.

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  • BONZY ContemporaryTwo Cup Holder Recliner

The Bonzy Contemporary is not only elegantly styled but is stain resistant, durable and comes with dual handy cup holders.

Pros and features

  • Comes with two built-in cup holders for your convenience.
  • Extreme durable construction from eco-friendly materials
  • A clean and casual contemporary style that will go well with contemporary home décor or rustic décor.
  • Upholstered in the finest PU leather that is stain resistant and easy to maintain.
  • The backrest will recline to 110 degrees to 145 degrees and has thick and luxurious cushioning.
  • A manual recliner with a side latch for simple operation of the recline and footrest mechanism.
  • High quality, available in a grey or brown color upholstery.
  • Flash Furniture ContemporaryKids Recliner with Cup Holder

The flash furniture contemporary kids recliner is the perfect for your kids. With this simple reclining chair, you can avoid accidents and spills with the nifty cup holders.

It’s so easy to clean and keep in shape.

Features and Pros

  • A child-sized recliner available multiple bright and fun colors for all gender.
  • Padding is Plush
  • Leather upholstery is simple to clean.
  • The footrest is covered with a plastic layer.
  • A durable hardwood frame and fire retardant foam.
  • There is a highly functional cup holder inside the armrest.

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  • Great Deal Furniture EverettePower Recliner with Cup Holder

This is the recommended recliner for elderly person or people having issues with mobility. The Everette power Motion recliner comes with the spec and basic functions that provides you with the best comfort and support.

Features and Pros

  • It has built-in USB ports that allows for device charging
  • Construction is both strong and sturdy with very strong plastic legs
  • The Power Motion Assist function gives you a variety of motor powered adjustments.
  • Covered with durable PU leather and a layer of super tough polyurethane is a shade of espresso brown, making this recliner stunning to look at and easy to maintain.
  • The side arms offer storage space as well as a cup holder.

Best Recliner With Cup Holder

  • Barcoasters Couch CoasterCup Holder for your Recliner

Do you already own a recliner, but still need something to hold your drink, well this may be the perfect fix for you.

The Couch Coaster is a well-designed one size fits all coaster that fits over the armrest of any sofa, recliner, or coach, that will  securely hold your drinks.

  • Mocha brown color is available
  • Can be easily wrapped over the arm of your sofa or recliner
  • Lets you keep your drink within easy reach and prevents spills or knocks on your favorite recliner.
  • One size fits all armrests and can hold almost all sized drinks such as mugs, cans, cups, and glasses.
  • Manufactured from flexible BPA free silicone with a tacky base that will provide the best support for your cup or drink.

The Benefits of a Cup Holder in a Recliner

Like me, I know may people are tired of making spills or having to constantly get up to reach for your most loved drinks.

On second thought, we all are tired of spilling drinks from the side tables or floor, or even in a home with pets and kids running around.

With your drink at hand and convenient reach, spills can be avoided. You can enjoy your hot or cold beverage while relaxing in front of the television, or taking a break from work or with your favorite book.

With your ever so comfy reclining chair and an extra cup holder, you no longer have to make spills. Plus your favorite drink is now closer than ever.

The cup holder likewise when not holding a beverage can make nifty storage space for remote control, keys, popcorn or even your phone.

Therefore I would say the benefits of a cup holder by far exceeds that of just holding a cup!

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Additional Features in Recliners with Cup Holders

Getting the best recliner with cup holder for the money means you’re paying for more than just a chair with a cup holder.

You can also expect to have side storage pockets for your remote controls or magazines, and armrests for storage compartment. Then there are luxury features like the massaging or heating function, and similarly the vibrating function.

Most recliners come fully equipped with not only adjustable recline positions but likewise an retractable OR adjustable footrest, for full body comfort and relaxation.

More storage functions such as a USB charging dock, a tablet or an IPad dock, side tray and LED light functions are some excellent features that you can consider.

Tips on Buying a Recliner with Cup-Holder

For someone who works long and hard, you’d appreciate having your feet up, leaning back and enjoying a refreshing drink.

Now, before you can get to this, you need to find the most suitable recliner with cup holder for yourself.

I recommend you opt for leather recliners, especially when you have pets or children; leather recliners are easy to clean.

There are two main options that will need to be addressed, are you looking for a manual or power recliner, which in simple terms, the one is operated by a button and works using an electrical cord, the other has to be operated manually with a level.

Both have no effect on the function of the cup holder, other than the power recliner may have an LED light for your cup holder.

In other words – The power recliner lasts longer, allows for easier operation, comes with more features but is immobile, costly and heavy. On the other hand, a manual relies on some effort to operate, has smaller features, but is mobile, light in weight and costs much less.

Other factors that could affect your purchase include the size of space you have, the upholstery materials and lastly other extra features that you may need.

In Conclusion

Having the best recliner chair with cup holder is super convenient, and helpful in the prevention of accidental spills caused by cups standing on the floor or side tables.

No matter your budget, you should strive to get the best leather recliner with cup holders if you have kids or pets.

As you can see from our collection of the best recliner with cup holders, there are lots of features in recliners all that makes for a memorable relaxation!


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