Best Wall Hugger Recliners Reviews [LoveSeat, RV & Sofa]

Space the no.1 factor considered when living in a small apartment, or outfitting an RV. Wall-hugging furniture can bring a new meaning to “comfortability” and “functionality”.

Here are some great options for you to find the best wall hugger recliners for small spaces.

Quick Picks:

Esright Electric Recliner Power Lift Chair

  • Price is reasonable
  • Two handy side pockets
  • Basic lift chair



Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat PU Leather

  • Design is beautiful
  • Price is fair
  • Cleaning is a breeze



RecPro Charles Collection

  • Top rated wall hugger recliner for RV
  • Features Cup holders
  • Long lasting


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Top Rated Wall Hugger Recliners

EDITOR’S CHOICE – Homall Single Recliner Chair

  • Design is elegant and works well as theater seating.
  • It’s price won’t break the bank.
  • Comes with storage spaces.
BEST AFFORDABLE Set of 2 | RecPro Charles Collection

  • Primarily crafted to work in an RV
  • Completely reclines for napping
  • It needs only 3 inches of clearance to recline.
BEST BASIC LIFT CHAIRE – sright Electric Recliner Power Lift Chair

  • It comes with dual side pockets
  • This is an affordable chair
  • Not hard to figure out
BEST RV THEATER SEATING – RecPro Charles Collection | 67″ Double Recliner

  • Uniquely designed to work in an RV.
  • It comes packed in three boxes to help you get it through the door.
  • Center console boasts of cup holders and a storage.
BEST LIFT CHAIR WITH HEAT AND MASSAGE – Power Lift Chair Recliner Sofa for Elderly

  • It only needs 10 inches of clearance from the wall.
  • It features a massage and built-in heat functions.
  • Will help you stand up with the push of a button.
BEST COLOR SELECTION –  Domesis Renu Leather Wall Hugger

  • Assembly is quite simple in fact.
  • A wide range of colors is available, plus a paisley pattern for variety.
BEST HIGH LEG RECLINER – Beaumont Warm Brown Paisley

  • High leg style recliner
  • A beauty to behold and design is classic
  • No pockets, remotes or similar to break the clean lines.

Best Wall Hugger Recliners Reviews

  • Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat PU Leather – Editor’s choice


A perfect placement in your TV viewing room, this chair would be a great addition to furnishing the theater seating area.

It’s design is sleek and color options include grey, black, beige, and brown.

The faux leather surface is simple to clean and is durable. The listed weight capacity is 265 pounds.

This recliner is simple and basic. It’s a manual push back recliner that lacks massage, heat, cup holders or other accessories. It does not rock or swivel too.

It reclines and design is fine too. We recommend this if you like a sleek look and are looking to set up an home theater room.

If you want more than this, we recommend checking our next post.


  • Design is elegant and is ideal for theater seating.
  • Pricing is affordable and so you can get more than one.
  • Never worry about where to store a remote or plug it in.


  • It lacks massage or heat functionality.
  • No USB ports or cup holders.
  • It does not rock or swivel.
  • Set of 2 | RecPro Charles Collection | 30″ Zero Wall RV Recliner | Wall Hugger Recliner – Best Affordable


This top rated wall hugger recliner only needs 3 inches of clearance to completely recline. It is pretty, compact and comes in a range of 4 colors: Toffee, Chestnut, Putty or Mahogany.

The upholstery material is faux leather. It can last years, can be cleaned easily and looks good. Faux leather is inherently spill-resistant – just wipe the chair down with a damp cloth to maintain it.

This recline was uniquely made to work in an RV. It reclines but doesn’t swivel. It does not come pre-assembled.

It helps you to get it through narrow doorways and position it where you want it before assembly.

Whether you stay alone and only need a chair for yourself, or are considering adding a chair to have additional seating for company, this recliner suits your need.

It’s a perfect addition to small spaces. Plus, it completely extends so it can be slept on.

This is one of the best RV wall hugger recliners out there. You can bolt it to the floor of an RV so it is safe to sit in while the vehicle is in motion.

Yes, the compact size means it won’t work well for tall and big bodies. If you are well over 5’9” tall, this chair isn’t ideal for you.

It speaks comfortablity and elegance. Ultimately, it is good value for the money.

It is recommended for anyone needing a wall hugger recliner. Recommended for RVs and other small spaces.

Note: We do not recommend for very tall people.


  • Completely reclines so you can sleep
  • Uniquely crafted to work best in an RV
  • It only needs three inches of clearance to recline.


  • A little too small for people who are taller
  • Some assembly is needed.

Best Wall Hugger Recliners Reviews

  • Esright Electric Recliner Power Lift Chair Wall Hugger – Best Basic Lift Chair recliner


This is one of the best rated wall hugger recliners for the money you can get. This dark brown basic lift chair can and will aid you in standing up more easily.

It is a nice recliner with no massage or heat respectively.

The lift capacity is up to 220 pounds, although the chair can hold up to 320 pounds for seating purposes. This can also let your grandchild sit on your lap while you read he or she a bedtime story.

A tethered remote controls the lift mechanism. The chair features two handy side pockets for storing the remote and sundry other small items.

If you are sensitive to chemicals, have allergies or respiratory issues, this chair is perfect for you. It is formaldehyde-free and meets the requirements of the California Air Resources Board.

It’s made of durable faux leather for easy cleaning and it has a luxurious look. The padding is very comfortable and is odor-free.

Some assembly is needed. It will arrive in two boxes.

We recommend to anyone who is looking for a cheap basic lift chair.


  • It’s pricing is affordable
  • This chair is economical.
  • It features two handy side pockets.


  • No massage or heat.
  • It lacks USB ports or cup holders.
  • Some assembly required.


  • RecPro Charles Collection | 67″ Double Recliner RV Sofa & Console – Best RV Theater Seating


This double recline is basically a dual individual seat attached with a central console. The console has dual cup holders and a storage space.

The unit is basically designed for RVs. It will come in 3 separate boxes for ease of bringing it through a narrow doorway. Some assembly needed.

This model features 4 colors: Putty, Toffee, Chestnut, or Mahogany. It allows up to 3 people sit on it.

This recliner is 67 inches wide and makes a great couch alternative in a compact space. It only requires three inches of clearance to recline.

The unit is long lasting, simple to clean faux leather, and durable. Simply wipe it down as needed. Faux leather is naturally resistant to spill.

We recommend getting this if you want a couch alternative in an RV or need theater seating.


  • It is mainly designed to work in an RV
  • It is delivered in three boxes that helps get it through the door
  • Center console has cup holders and storage and cup holders.


  • No massage or heat
  • Some assembly required.
  • It lacks any remote control. Manually operated recliners.
  • Power Lift Chair Recliner Sofa for Elderly PU Leather Heated Vibration Massage with Remote Control (Luxury Brown) – Best Lift Chair With Heat And Massage


Yet another top rated wall hugger recliner, the Power Lift Chair Recliner sofa needs 10 inches of clearance from the wall.

Its design is a traditional one. It comes in brown faux leather and will work well in the living or den room’,

Faux leather is simple to clean while looking awesome. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth as needed.

The chair features built-in massages. It can treat your head, legs, and back with its 5 unique modes. It has a timer that can be shuffled between 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

This is additional-wide, oversized chair is designed mainly for tall and big crowd. The shape and size lend themselves well to an overall masculine aesthetic.

It has a tethered remote that controls the lift function, as well as the heating and massage functions. There are two convenient side projects for storing remote and other items, such as TV remote or magazine. The chair can hold up to 330 pounds.

We recommend this chair for tall and big people.

Recommended if you need a best home furnishings wall hugger recliner that serves as a lift chair and want heat and massage with it.


  • It can help you stand when a button is pressed.
  • Needs only 10 inches of clearance from the wall
  • Features massage and built-in functions.


  • A bit of assembly is needed.
  • It is available in a single color
  • It lacks any USB ports or cup holders.
  • No cup holders or USB ports.
  • Domesis Renu Leather Wall Hugger Power Lift Chair Recliner – Best Color Selection


This is one of the best wall hugger recliners for small spaces. This lift chair needs only 4 inches of clearance to lift or recline. It is available in colors like paisley, cream, red, or brown.

The two-button remote control is easy to use. It comes with a side pocket that offers you a place to stash the remote, plus other small items like books, newspapers, magazines and TV remote.

The chair is cushy and compact for comfort. Its ergonomic design allows it to be extra comfortable.

We recommend this if you need an attractive, cushy lift chair with minimal clearance.


  • Assembling is simple
  • Good options of colors, and a paisley patter for variety
  • Needs only 4 inches of clearance.


  • Lacks USB ports or cup hoders
  • Requires a bit of assembling
  • No heat or massage functions.


  • Beaumont Warm Brown Paisley Push-Thru Arm 3-Way Recliner – Best High Leg Recliner


The last on our list of best wall hugger recliner review is the Beaumont Warm Brown Paisley.

Many recliners are made with closed upholstery all the way to the floor. High leg recliners possess legs and appear like normal chairs to blend with classic décor.

This high leg recliner boasts of lovely paisley pattern. The patterned fabric, nailhead detailing and wooden legs makes it a really good looking piece that would fit well in a more formal living space.

This chair neither glide, rock, or swivel. It lacks no message or heat functions. It’s just a great looking recliner in shades of rust, black, gold, and brown that would blend in spaces that don’t normally see recliners.

It can add some extra comfort to a more formal setting.

It’s weight capacity is 250 pounds, and is a manual, push-back model. It lacks lever and no remote. Also, there are no side pockets.

Since it does not come with levers, pockets, and similar, it appears to be like a normal chair. This is intentional and not an oversight. But if you want storage pockets and the like, this may not be the chair for you.

This is a manual model so you need not worry about getting an electrical outlet to plug it into. Simply find it wherever you want it.

We recommend this recliner if you want to make better your comfort and add a bit more to a formal space.


  • High leg style recliner
  • Aesthetically pleasing, classic design not generally found in recliners
  • It lacks remotes, pockets, or similar to break the lines.


  • It lacks additional amenities; such as massage or heat.
  • It lacks USB ports or cup holders.
  • The chair does not glide, swivel, or rock.

What do you think? Would you prefer another top and best wall hugger recliner that we’ve not mentioned here?

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