Best Zero Gravity Chair with Canopy/Shade/Cover

When it comes to relaxing on your patio, picture yourself enjoying the comfort of a zero gravity chair under a shady cantilever umbrella – Super relaxing yeah?

That’s right! You can even take it one step further by getting the best zero gravity chair with canopy!

These zero gravity chairs with shade on your patio will help you relax on your patio after a long day. They are produced from breathable mesh with adjustable supports on sturdy steel frames, and these chairs allow you to recline to a near horizontal position and share weight equally throughout your body.

This weight distribution leads to a wonderful zero gravity effect that can ease even the sorest of muscles to rest. In this article we’ll review the top ten best zero gravity chair with shade, going over the weight limits, features and more, so you can buy the perfect chair for your particular needs.

Best zero gravity chair with canopy for the Money

We’ve put together our results below for you to compare our top picks at a glance quickly.

  • Best with a canopy: Best Choice Products Chair

The Best Choice Products – Zero Gravity Chair comprises of comfortable chairs. For the same price as the other value leaders, you enjoy an easy-to-use flip-lever lock, a built-in canopy and a detachable cup-holder.

The accessories it comes with are quite useful, however we dislike its core design. The friction-sleeve lock of this chair isn’t super secure. The chair back doesn’t stay in position when you move around.

The cupholder and canopy aren’t better than traditional patio umbrellas or tables: the cupholder is a bit shaky, and the canopy won’t keep you from getting sunburned.

That said, they’re functional.

The best Choice zero gravity chair with canopy shields your face from the sun.

See Price at

The cupholder tray provides you a slot for a magazine or tablet as well as a cell phone and dual full-size cups. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a place to stay on the chair when it is folded for storage; the canopy clips neatly to the back/

This is the same design as the Bliss Hammocks design that shows up on QVC, though without the variety of fabric patterns offered there.


Best Choice Products includes a cupholder and canopy to make your sunny-day reading that much more relaxing.

The friction lock engages easy with the flip of a lever, but it’s not very tight.

The quality of this chair is almost as good as the Amazon Basics model, though at these prices we wonder how consistent they’ll be.

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  • Best Choice Products SKY4506

Another product from Best Choice, the Best Choice Products SKY4506 (around $65) can keep your face shaded while you enjoy a sunny day with its adjustable canopy.

Compared to most others, this is pretty lightweight and folds down into a compact size so packing up is easy and take with you to the beach or camping.


Contoured pillow

Tray with many storage slots

Tall people will find this too short

  • Best Zero Gravity Chair, Belleze 2-Pack Zero Gravity Chairs Patio Lounge +Cup Holder/Utility Tray

If what you need is a simple, high quality, simple to use Zero gravity chair that comes with lots of features, Belleze offers the best zero gravity chair with canopy on the market.

Built from durable materials, these are sold in sets of two and are offered in a wide range of colors.

These robust lounge chairs weight limit is 330 pound and its bungee tensioning system ensure they conform to bodies of all shapes and sizes.

We enjoy the large drink trays as they hold enough room for an ice cold beer, a phone and a large book without risk of them dropping off the edge.

Plus, the Belleze Zero gravity lounge chair features an adjustable headrest that can be lowered for additional stress on your joints and bones. With the included smooth recline function the chair can lock into any position for additional comfort and versatility.

The main chair is made from breathable 600D mesh which allow for enhanced air circulation. The mesh is attached to super table steel frame so you can rest easy without fear of tearing fabrics or bending poles.

Overall this is our top pick for the best zero gravity chair with canopy due to its price, durability, and features, and looks. If you’re looking to up your zero gravity chair game you can opt for this same chair with a built in shade canopy as well.

  • Bliss Hammocks Gravity Free Lounger with Canopy

The Bliss Hammocks Gravity Free Lounger can make your dream of relaxing in a zero gravity chair with cover come true.

The super adjustable overhead canopy can be positioned to perfectly block the sun at any incline. Also, the ergonomic headrest is built with a very well-padded material and boasts of an excellent support for your neck and head.

We also are pleased to see the drink tray was able to be mounted on either the right or left side of the zero gravity lawn chair making it a great choice for right or left handers who dislike having their drink on the wrong side.

The woven vinyl covered polyester fabric of the chair is super durable and is able to hold up to 300 pounds. It can also withstand any outdoor environment, whether it’s the Northern winters or the blazing Southern sun.

All of this makes it the best oversized zero gravity chair with canopy. Plus, this 0 gravity seat is sturdy and well built to last you season to season. With unique tropical patterns available, it will transform your patio into an island paradise.

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Best Zero Gravity Chair with Canopy

  • PayLessHere Zero Gravity Chairs

Whether you’re enjoying a lovely sunny day at the pool merely relaxing in your backyard or deep in the wilderness camping, the PayLessHere Zero Gravity Chairs provides the perfect zero-gravity environment.

Like the best zero gravity chair, the PayLessHere unit comes full of comfort features. This outdoor chair can support up to 300 pounds because of its durable texta line fabric and a thick steel frame for maximum usability.

We were more impressed with how stable this chair was when we got on it and adjusted the seat to zero gravity position; there was no squeaking in the metal joints of wobbling in the chair.

We also loved the integrated shade canopy and how it shaded us on sunny days. It’s is entirely adjustable so no matter if you’re lying down or sitting up you’ll never need to worry about sun ever in your eyes again.

The extra-large drink trays are also a personal favorite of ours. We liked how small it was able to fold up for easy transport. Plus, this low-cost option comes in a set of two, so you can get double the relaxation for half the price.

The PayLessHere option no doubt, is one of the best oversized zero gravity chairs with canopy!

Built with durable materials PayLessHere sturdy chair is a perfect addition to your backyard patio.


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