Different Types of Leather Recliners – A Newbie’s Guide

What are the Different Types of Leather Recliners?

Buying a leather recliner for your house or for your office cannot be a difficult task if you acquire some basic information about various types of leather recliners now available in the market.

You should gather some knowledge about the latest trends in interior décor to get the most up-to-date look for your home or office.

Do not think of a recliner as just a chair to sit in. The comfort you experience while sitting in a recliner makes it much more than that.

You should do a little research before you go to spend more than $500 on one. Take some time out to see what is available.

Surf a bit to acquire some information about the different types of recliners, especially when you go to purchase an expensive leather one for you to relax on.

Recliners come in different styles and materials. The looks and styles of these recliners are totally dependent upon the material used to make them.

There are mainly three different types of leather recliners present in the market and they include the traditional two-position recliner, push back or the flex back recliner, and the rocker or wall saver recliner.

  • The two position recliner

This is the one which is considerably much cheaper than its cousins. Even though it is classified under leather recliners, it is not fully upholstered in 100% leather as parts like the side panels and outside back is upholstered in vinyl.

This is what reduces the cost of the recliner. Even though this style of recliner is cheaper, the styles, models, and fabrics which are available for this type are very limited. The warranty offered is also usually for a limited period of time.

  • The rocker or wall saver recliners

Rocker or wall saver reclinersare yet another type of leather recliner which perhaps takes the award for the most popular recliner.

Due to this reason it is the most widely available as well. This particular recliner is great for relaxing as the seat can be adjusted at different angles, and you can rock even when it is placed in the upright position!

Now isn’t that great for comfort while you work? As the name indicates, the wall saver option allows you to place it very near to the wall, and it manages to use less space to recline. You can find plenty of models of the rocker recliners with a variety of fabric options. It is comparatively more expensive than the other recliner models.

  • Push-back recliners

Push-back recliners are one of the types which are quite different from the other two models. They have a sleek design as the basic framework is completely upholstered with leather, thus giving a modern look to the entire recliner.

Different Types of Leather Recliners

Due to the use of high quality leather, the recliner is fairly expensive, and is also one of the preferred ones for those wanting to have a recliner for adding to the overall worth of their living room.

Then there is the overstuffed leather recliner meant to provide extra comfort for the owner; it promises relaxation in style. The padded arms and double billowed rear support make it extremely comfortable to use.

Leather recliners are commonly seen in colors that include brown, ivory, black, celery, chestnut, and brick red. Choosing the right color that matches the whole ambience of your home is very important when you purchase one.

So go ahead and pick a leather recliner of your choice from your favorite online furniture store!


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