Human Touch Perfect Chair Review – Maple Base

The Human Touch Perfect Chair is a zero gravity recliner which not only promises total relaxation but also provides various health benefits for people of all ages.

The Human Touch Perfect Chair combines the elegance of a top notch, first class furniture and the comfort needed to regain ones health.

This is not your typical recliner chair used to watch movies or play video games, this chair is also the perfect chair for post operative patients who wants to relax and recover.

In fact it looks like this chair was made especially for those who are suffering back pains. The Human Touch Perfect Chair is equipped with a cervical and lumbar support pillow to make sure that you have a stress free experience as you sit down.

For taller people or those with longer legs, the Human Touch Perfect Chair footrest upgrade wherein you can request an extended footrest ideal for your height.

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The chair is also made with temperature and pressure sensitive memory foam which is ideal because the foam molds into your body as you sit so your spine stays in one position and lessens tossing and turning during long periods of sitting down. People with allergies don’t need to worry since memory foams are hypoallergenic.

The zero-gravity recliner concept was inspired by NASA wherein you are elevated to a zero gravity position which helps in minimizing stress on the spine; because of this you get to experience floating in outer space inside your room.

The zero gravity position is done when your feet are raised to the same level as your heart. When this happens there is less strain on your spine which also reduces the pain you experience when having back aches.

This reclining chair can be controlled in a touch of a button; getting in and out of the reclining position has never been so easy.

Human Touch Perfect Chair- Maple Base Features and Specifications:

  • Zero gravity recline wherein your legs are at level with your heart and is the healthiest way to sit down
  • Recline control found at the front of armrest to easily control recline angle
  • Orthodontic body cradle design which is perfect in relieving stress and back aches
  • 3 year warranty which includes 90 days of labor and 3 years for the replacement of parts

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Human Touch Perfect Chair Review

Human Touch Perfect Chair- Maple Base Reviews:

Most customer reviews on the Human Touch Perfect Chair are from post operation patients who have used the Human Touch Perfect Chair for resting instead of lying down on their bed. Most of them have said that they have recovered easily because of the zero gravity reclining design.

Aside from recovering from an operation; since the leg is raised to the same level as your heart, this is also great for those who want to lower their blood pressure.

When people see the Human Touch Perfect chair for the first time, they are somewhat alarmed by how low the recline of the chair is. But once they get to sit in it, sometimes they never want to stand up again.

This just proves that the chair is ultra comfortable and is the best position to help your body relax which helps improve your health.

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There were some clients who did not buy the Human Touch Perfect Chair because it is more expensive compared to others. It may be true, but paying a little higher also means paying for better quality, other brands may be cheaper than this but they break easily and are not comfortable enough.

The Human Touch Perfect chair helps post operation patients to relax and rest better thus making their wounds and stitches heal better.

It has been said that when the mind is at peace the body recovers faster. This chair helps in relaxation, thus calms the mind and rejuvenates the body,

This recliner is relatively expensive, but it will bound to improve the quality of your life a lot.

Buy this recliner and solve your body woes once and for all.

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