Lucid L100 Adjustable Bed Base Reviews

This Lucid L100 adjustable bed base reviews focus on reasons why you should use this bed base.

First, this bed base is one of the best and cheapest options out there. If what you need is a hospital bed like basic but with affordability, then you wouldn’t regret purchasing this one.

Aside from the basic adjustments it possesses, the Lucid L100 lacks massage functionality or any advanced features more expensive ones possess.


All in all I am  very satisfied with my purchase. This frame is such a great combination of price, ease of use and comfort.

If you need a better variant with some adjustable features, then we recommend going for the Lucid L300 adjustable bed option.

However, if you want to enjoy all the advanced features a bed base possesses, then your best option is the iDealbed 4i custom adjustable bed.

Lucid L100 Adjustable Bed Base Reviews

The Lucid adjustable base has proven super great.


Here are some of its feature:

  • Comfort:

For something so affordable, the comfort is actually top-notch. The relief it provides to both your acid reflux and lower back is top class.

By raising your legs a bit, an immense amount of pressure is taken off your lower back. With this bed base, you can have a good night rest without a stiff back in the morning.

The adjustable frame features a comfortable mattress that makes it much better.

  • Set-up:

The frame is made up of a reasonably fixed box that has a frame over itself. Setting up is super easy.

All you need to do is just take the frame out of the box, screw in six metal legs, attach the two visibly marked cables and then flip he frame.

From there, this adjustable frame can be plugged in with a mattress on top.

  • Price:

The frame has a lot of features other expensive products have and yet, it is still so much affordable.

  • Looks:

The frame look is a clean one. After you place the sheets and the mattress on top of the frame, most of it becomes hidden. In my experience, only the legs are visible in my room and they do have a new-school look to them.

So, nothing weird-looking these. Plus, they are nice with sharp rounded corners and don’t hurt your toes if you accidently stub them on it.

  • Usability:

The remote of the Lucid L100 adjustable bed base is marked with six easy to use buttons. There are various buttons that a couple of actions and combinations perform.

You just hold the button until you are all relaxed and comfortable with your back and legs. The motors are fast and silent enough that it does not piss u off as you move up and down.


The frame is somewhat heavy but it is really durable

A single person cannot set this up. You will the help of a friend in setting it up.

You need to have a wall outlet nearby for easier charging.

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Lucid L100 Adjustable Bed Base Reviews

Lucid L100 vs L150 vs  L300 Adjustable Bed Review – Inexpensive Cheap Adjustable Beds

In this section, we pit the Lucid L100 headboard brackets bed base against the L150 vs L300.

  • Head and Foot Adjustments

The Lucid L100’s head section can be turned all the way up to 58 degrees while the foot section can be adjusted up to 40 degrees.

  • Memory and Preset Programmable Positions

The L100 can only be adjusted manually to incline to your preferred angle. It lacks any memory savable positions or preset positions too.

The L300 on the other hand, comes with a FLAT preset position and 1 memory savable position.

  • Remote Control

The Lucid L100 bed base and L300 boasts of the simplest remote controls. While L100 offers wired, the Lucid L150 and L300 has wireless remote.

The Lucid L150 wireless control boasts of 7 buttons. Plus, the feet and head adjustments are included. It has 1 preset position, FLAT.

  • USB Ports

The Lucid L100 lacks any USB ports meanwhile the L300 comes with 4 USB ports in total (2 on each sides).

This is one of the reasons many people opt for the Lucid L300 Adjustable bed.

  • Height

L100 and L300 adjustable bed comes with a fixed height of 15 inches. There are no single height adjustable legs, its all fixed.

The 15 inches makes it and ideal height for both short and tall people.

  • Mattress Retention System

The L100 adjustable bed base and L300 bed base both feature a single mattress retention bar at the foot level.

  • Assembly

The assembly of all of their products is quite quick. The company boasts of a hassle free 5 minutes easy assembly and installation process.

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