Material used in Leather Recliners – Know Them!

There are many elements contributing to the quality and elegance of a recliner such as material, color and assembly Of techniques. Off all these elements, the material by which the actual recliner is made is of prime importance.

Material used in Leather Recliners

The good thing is that the material is visible to the naked eye and if regular consumers is educated about these materials, they can pretty much tell the fair price of a recliner.

We always talk about the term “leather recliners”. First of all, not all of the people know how leather is made. Leather is a material created through the tanning of hides and skin of animal.

The purpose of tanning is to make raw skins into long lasting and durable natural materials, which later of course, can be used in making furniture.

  • Full Grain Leather

Of all the different types of leathers, full grain leather, made of the finest raw material, remains in its natural state thereby allowing the best fiber strength, resulting in great durability.

Polyester is the most widely used manufactured fiber. Woven polyester fabrics are used for apparel and home furnishings.

Comparing to full grain leather, polyester fabrics have a less natural feel. However, polyester fabrics have improved wrinkle resistance and are therefore gaining more popularity in recent years.

Material used in Leather Recliners

  • Suede Leather

The last type of leather we talk about here is Suede, which is made from the under side of the skin, primarily lamb, goat and pig. Comparing to other types of leather, suede leather is less durable because it does not include the tough exterior skin layer.

However, it is softer than standard full grain leather. It was once used mainly for women’s gloves and nowadays it is more popular in upholstery due to its softness and thinness.

On the other hand, suede may become dirty and absorb liquids quickly and therefore would require extra effort on maintenance.

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